October 14, 2008

TXRD 08 Roller Derby Championship Bout/Championship Afterparty

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Back again this year for the TXRD championship bout and more importantly the after party and I was only punched once. That’s OK, I had it coming. It was all great and as usual you just can’t beat a high stakes roller derby event here in Austin Texas, it’s very serious business.

The whole thing was heavy as fuck from start to finish and my home girl Sacralicious from the Holy Rollers got nailed late in the second quarter and took a minute or two to get up… EMS came out to assist. Scary. She came back and later nearly knocked a Hellcat jammer over the rial, but more importantly straight into it, ribs first. Sweet, sweet Roller Derby vengeance. In the end the Holy Rollers took the game 18-14.

Another highlight was Tim Murphy making a guest appearance in the announcer booth, bringing back together the classic TXRD announcing team. I’m more of a TXRD fan than a roller derby fan in general so elements like that really add to the experience. It also appears that they have given The Mouth a wireless microphone so as well as acting as penalty wheel mistress she roams around the track adding her signature snarl to the over all soundtrack. It’s fucking great and all the kids were freaking out with fun.

At the after party I had to protect Mouth from some threatening guys at one point and when I got rid of them me and Mouth were talking and it was confirmed that she is still holding it down on local TV hosting “Up Late Austin” every week. Definitely check that out Monday nights on channel 16 and that’s where you get all the derby dirt/news and all things having to do with The Mouth.

The party was at the Cucaracha bar in the back of Jackalope. I indulged first in a Chipotle bacon burger, and then a few million beers. If you haven’t tried the food at Jackalope you have never eaten food or you are scared of punk rock. From there it’s a blur of laughing, talking, shouting, getting punched. Later we hit up Creek Side and and then called it a night. Roller Derby in Austin may not be the main reason I live here, but it’s in the top 20. OK it’s in the top 10.


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