October 15, 2008

Graffiti is about style first

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I am always kind of WTF? when I see shitty graffiti in prominent places. There are those that might disagree, and I get the beauty of pure destruction as much as the next guy but in my humble opinion graffiti is just as much about style as it is getting up. Probably more so. What I mean is that I’m judging you on how cool your tag or piece looks first, before I consider the placement. OK sure if I see you up on a sign 30 feet over a busy four lane highway you get instant props for being brave, but unless you follow through with something really nice looking, you immediately become a brave person/shitty graffiti writer and that actually kind of makes your whole existence a huge and dangerous wast of time. You could be channeling all that bravery into being an awesome bullfighter or paratrooping green beret. Or better yet, the guy who gets paid to paint those giant murals and ads that are probably designed in a basement studio on a mac by some sickly nerd-bro with those round nerd glasses that make your eves look huge. And no, he is probably not very brave, but he is probably a good artist. Don’t lose heart though, there are millions of ways to get paid just by being brave. Rob a bank for fuck sake, just don’t write stupid looking graffiti.

I haven’t been to Italy in a long time but I always hear about how grossed out cities like Rome are with graffiti. People say, oh it could be such a beautiful place if it wasn’t for all the terrible graffiti. Well first up, graffiti is an Italian word that when translated means something more like “making a mark on something” than “making a pretty mark on something”. Rome has probably always looked like it does now, just different and obviously with less cars at certain points and nobody wore pants back then. I’d have to consult a historian to back that up but there is no doubt some basis in why we use a word of Italian origin to talk about guys writing their names on walls with spray paint.

Why do I care? I really don’t. It’s just a visceral joy I get from seeing what people come up with to express themselves anonymously and publicly at the same time. I’m going to stop here. My point was made like twenty sentences ago when I suggested that you should get good first (and not just good but really really good) and then take it to the streets. Otherwise you’re just annoying my eyes, wasting both of our time, risking your life, and inevitably inviting an unpleasant run in with the cops. To those of you who are reading who feel confident in your graffiti skills, by all means go out and kill the streets. You have my blessing and you are an inspiration to Juxtapose reading armchair tag bangers everywhere. To the rest of you aspiring street legends, consider what I’m saying. I just wanted to add that there is some really awesome bad graffiti too, that needs to be factored into the mix. Basically it’s all very esoteric and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this. I’m just proposing a more considered aproach to graffiti writing for a cooler world.


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  1. Ruining businesses is for broke faggots like you!!

    Comment by You Suck — October 17, 2008 @ 11:26 pm | Reply

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