October 16, 2008

Bands I like despite the fact that I don’t really like them

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I just realized that there are a ton of bands I like despite the fact that I don’t like their music, so I thought it would be good to compile a list for analytical purposes to get to the bottom of this disheartening and unusual aesthetic conundrum.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When I first heard their music (what I mean by that is looked at the album art) I thought, that’s cool. But when I listen to them on youtube I just turn it off after 10 seconds because that girl is really annoying and gross. But I love their shit though, and Karen O is amazing. It’s like on the outside I’m saying yeah yeah yeah, but on the inside I’m saying no, no, no.

2. The Goat and the Occasional Others. The guy wears goat horns, shorts and a trench coat. The guitarists (one of whom happens to be the Jackson Pollock of modern day skateboarding) are sitting down. It’s rappy poetry and noisy art rock. I really like them, but I find it to be quite annoying too. See what I’m talking about there?

3. The Eagles. Classic example. I think I like the music at first but then I quickly realize that I really don’t like the music at all. It’s the same thing with

4. Pink Floyd. I really want to be into Pink Floyd and I force myself to listen to their music on the radio in the car, but again, inevitably I soon go searching for the hip hop station. I think this case is a little more clear cut and comprehensible. I like their T-shirts and think it’s mad cool they played Pompeii on acid or whatever, but otherwise I can’t stand them. But I still like them.

5. Sonic Youth. Again if I could just commit to being a Sonic Youth fan I would have so many more friends, albeit lame ones, but there would be more of them. Sonic youth are great on paper (about 30 years ago), but being forced to listen to their take on rock nowadays is as disturbing as listening to a Rod Stewart Christmas music CD. But I still like them, and plan on one day stealing what’s her name away from what’s his name, even though she’s just a bit mannish. But she’s hot too. Sonic Youth are a tough one, up there with REM if you know what I’m saying.

6. The Grateful Dead. This is a bit different, because the Grateful Dead are an example of a band that I actually like to listen to but at the same time I will have nothing to do with them for obvious reasons, right? They suck. But they’re amazing. But ultimately they suck, that’s just how has to be. I kind of feel the same way about Rancid and Phil Collins.

I could go on and on with this and frankly I have decided that if I could only ever listen to one desert island disc for the rest of my life it would be Natty Dread from Bob Marley and the Wailers circa 1974. If that was the situation, me living on an island with nothing but a CD player, a lifetime supply of batteries for said CD player, and a solar powered waterproof soundsytem Natty Dread is the disc that I want around. I would learn how to sing exactly like Bob Marley (and because I’m stranded on an island I will be growing dreadlocks anyway) and eventually would become the Bobby McFerrin of that record. I used to think my desert disc would be the 1986 record Electric Cafe from Kraftwerk, but I’ve already committed that one to memory, and it only took 22 years.

So in summary, I have no fucking idea. It seems I like some bands that I actually hate, and conversely I hate some bands that I really like. Obviously it all comes down to window dressing and presentation elements but in the end it’s just one of those things. One of those completely illogical, slightly ridiculous and frankly rather inane things.



  1. You suck. Stop promoting yourself on streetcarnage.com.

    Comment by Burt S. — October 16, 2008 @ 12:43 pm | Reply

  2. This is just great for you.

    Comment by Genevieve — October 25, 2008 @ 1:47 am | Reply

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