October 21, 2008

Does excited count as happy?

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I was talking to someone who always goes to great length to express how happy they are and that’s fine, I guess. It made me think, am I happy? And the answer was no, not particularly. Am I sad, no, not that either. I’m neither here nor there, really. Does feeling funny count as happy? What about feeling lucky? Is it really so great to be all happy and shit? Doesn’t it kind of mean that you know you’re soon going to feel this other way (unhappy) that totally sucks? I’m not trying to be Zen but just think about it.

I feel fine. Often ponderous or giddy. In the morning I am deeply resentful of reality until something unusual happens or I get a nice myspace message. I’m not trying to be this way, down the middle, just am. I’m looking at emotional extremes and how people use their mood to manipulate relationships, encounters, or conversation. Frankly in these fucked up times it’s a bit rude to emote such joyous feelings. What the fuck are you so happy about anyway? You need to volunteer at an old folks home and get some perspective on the difference between contentedness and this so called happiness. I’m happy when I look off my balcony into the hills of south Austin, but I’m not going to embroider it on a T shirt or talk about it in my blog.

Balance is what I’m getting at, and I’ve already railed against bad mood people, so now it’s time for their equally questionable counter part the, “I’m really happy, I’m so great right now, in a really good place in my life” people. Now is only temporary, and places change all the time. What those folks are really expressing is something more like, “I’m aware of great sorrow in my life and am narrowly avoiding it for the time being by standing over here”. It’s really just that obvious.

I’m going with excited. I’m excited about how many negative comments will be showing up on my blog into the future. I shit you not I get a kick out of the negative comments, and I’ve put forth much cannon fodder. So in the end I say fuck happy, can we settle for something less obnoxious like OK, normal, or pleased or something?

Happy, yeah, if you’re crazy, but in general, no, sorry I’m not buying it.



  1. I’m reading the new shit, D-tron.

    WordPress sucks though!


    Comment by Longfellow — October 21, 2008 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

  2. How about alive.

    Comment by Genevieve — October 24, 2008 @ 4:39 pm | Reply

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