October 21, 2008

You’re like, “What’s the fuck with the poetry, man?”

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Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just kind of fun and the last bastion of irreverence these days it seems. Obviously rap has become way more important than traditional poetry ever was since before they invented not talking with an accent. What I mean is rap is poetry, and it’s mad popular despite the fact that it’s poetry. So now that type of poetry is main stream, regular poetry goes underground again, right? I’m always down to go underground, so here we are. Writing poetry.

Actually this started just over a year ago when I challenged myself to write a poem a day for 100 days. It was a myspace stunt I came up with to get attention and I was trying to think what would be the most ridiculous thing to do. In retrospect I could have invented getting wasted and doing push ups on the internet, but instead I went with writing poetry.

It was an amazing exercise to be honest, and I think the final tally was around 45 or so poems. In that hundred days I became obsessed with the challenge and reporting on it to myspace but maybe like 2 people showed any interest. However, in that time I feel I actually became a poet. I’m not saying I became a good poet, just a poet. What I mean by that is I’m cool with writing poems in public as if it was a normal thing to do, and believe me, I realize it’s not (unless you are a rapper, which for some fucked up reason it’s not just normal, it’s highly profitable business). Also during that time last year I became incredibly embarrassed (with good reason, admittedly) about what I was doing and stopped writing. I was ashamed at what I was doing, all this thinking and shit, and like un-quitting smoking I eventually wrote (or computer generated and then edited) new poems. Ultimately I came back to laughing when writing, thinking of those critical faces who might be reading, and also the one or two folks who might have chortled with incredulousness or just simply taken the poems at face value and were like, “Cool, whatever”.

That’s pretty much it and If you think my work sucks please let me know. I am open to criticism, but at the same time I’m saying up front I’m in it for the laughs and the thrill of being a mental exibitionist. Someone reminded me last night that blogging is basically a form of public mental masturbation so I have no grand illusions of what’s going on here.


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