October 22, 2008

I early voted for Barak

I wasn’t going to, because Rasta doesn’t participate in the affairs
of Babylon, but I thought, oh well what the fuck. This one is different.
It was pretty easy and it took about fifteen minutes in total, mainly
because I had to change my address.

Barak Obama does not believe in gay marriage, and that’s just
stupid. He also claims a ridiculous religious viewpoint that
I find not only offensive but entirely nonsensical and dangerous.
So I didn’t vote for him because of his policy or beliefs.

The main reason I voted for him is because I want to see an African
American family in the white house. Also, I think America deserves to
be represented by a real statesman, and that he is.

Obviously the republican candidates are particularly nasty and vile,
so mainly my vote was against them. When it comes down to it I voted
for Obama because I think America will be a better place with more
lovely oil paintings of a handsome African American man hanging
prominently in all our federal buildings, just to annoy all the racist
judges and cops. That’s going to be so sweet.


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