October 31, 2008

As a DJ

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My blog needs more of a focus, a through line, a topic. Right now it’s just what I think about this or that, the bizarre poetry writing etc. I’ve been cool with that because that’s just how it is, that’s the blog. Now I’ve had an idea that might make this thing a bit more interesting. Or it might go the way of my one off comic strip that even I can’t remember the name of. Oh yeah, Rollo and Dave.

What I’m getting at is that I might start talking about my struggle to become a professional DJ. I already did it a long time ago (get paid to be a DJ) in the late 90’s but I kind of gave up on the idea upon moving to Austin. I tried at first, a bit, but it just never gelled. I said cool and got on with other things.

The other day I put together my modest DJ set up, two beat up but rock steady Technic 1200 turntables and a simple 2 channel DJ mixer. No effects, just EQ and a crossfader. That’s all running through a computer type sound system. It may not sound like much, but when you’ve listened to millions of loud musics sometimes it’s totally OK to not blast it. In fact the only way to know if a jam is really hot is to see if it rocks at lower volumes. Whatever. See I’ve already started. Point being, I love the mix, I love mixing records. I don’t love mixing MP3 files, I love mixing records. And cutting, scratching and transforming even. OK I don’t hamster or chirp, and I’m still perfecting my screw mix. I just really like mixing records.

So I think I will be talking more about my progress as I find a real DJ gig/s. Not just a one off party, I’m talking a residency. This may be the biggest, dumbest, hearing impairment causing mistake of my life, but I had self doubt about getting into writing poetry, and that shit got me laid.

I was a wacky house party DJ in NYC for many years in the mid 90’s, but from about 1997-2001 it was at least two nights a week at various spots in lower Manhattan and more specifically the East Village. I also played at many one off events and parties and it was not boring at all. In fact it’s blog worthy stories, maybe. We’ll see. I played for the New York Tibet Society two years in a row there were tons of enrobed monks there and at the end of the night they paid me. I also was nearly beaten up by a Jamaican gang boss for not playing his request. It was at a lounge called the Koop somewhere near St. Mark’s Place. It was broad daylight as he stepped to me in the DJ booth. I was hired to play the happy hour set at this reggae dive and I dropped the needle on Yabby U “Man of the Living” dub and he turned and went back his table where three beautiful women were keeping him company. No doubt there was a bit of theater in the mix, but I do remember a few instances of real fear because of DJ related activities. And I will get to them here I think.

Primarily though, I want to look at what’s going on now, here in Austin Texas. With me, a proverbial nobody whith no connections and a dream as I try to get some DJ love in this town. The memories are good and will provide balance to the inky black void that is my career as a DJ today as I write. Will my luck change? I hope so, but more importantly maybe you’re curious and that’s what will make this blog more fun.



  1. Hopefully that DJ situation will get better now!

    Comment by that girl from Dallas — November 3, 2008 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

  2. You can do it.

    Comment by Hani — December 20, 2008 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

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