November 13, 2008

People are looking but what the fuck to say

I guess I should go ahead and try to capitalize while I have the attention of all the street carnage traffic but it’s not going to be easy. I got nothin’. I have been trying to figure out what to write about all day and um, yeah. Nada mucho.

Windows Vista sucks. It’s not so bad itself it’s just that I’ve had all sorts of problems  with my music software. Mainly the troubles are with pro tools not recognizing certain hardware and seemingly unfixable timing issues between the control surface and Reason synths. These things were not an issue in XP.

I do like the other aspects of Vista though, it’s pretty smooth actually. I am using one of their stock screen savers now, which I never do. It’s a black and white photo of the inside of an empty train carriage as it is passing a massive lake with mountains in the distance. The monochrome image really caught my eye because I love train travel. I just love trains. I love trains so much that I know about hobo symbology and streaking. True American folk art traditions. Using trains. My grandfather worked on trains in Ireland.

Also, I like the photo because the idea of travel appeals to me. I hate flying. All the submission to authority and standing in lines. I hate that shit. I’m not scared of flying I’m just pointing out that it’s often uncomfortable, inconvenient and grueling. I know train travel is more dangerous but I don’t care. Carve my carnage out of a train wreck any day of the week before you wipe me up from a plane crash. A train crash would be pretty sudden I imagine, while in a plane you wait, and wait, and wait, before finally hitting earth and getting decimated into gore. I recognize that a derailment might take a while, but I’d rather be all thrown around violently for a minute before I die than to have to sit there in a broken plane with all the criers. The people praying to God out loud would piss me right off too. That would suck.

Anyway, I look at the picture of the empty seats on the train and I imagine that I’m sitting on one side looking at a certain dark haired girl I know who is sitting on the other bench. She’s looking out the window at the mountains. She’s pale and beautiful.  The photo is black and white but we are in color. Where are we going? Not sure… Oh yeah, we are traveling from Berlin to Paris for the weekend. First we will go to Düsseldorf and visit Kling Klang studio where we will ring all buzzers on the door and run away. We will eat at Nacht Cafe in the red light district and later roam the dirty techno bars near Düsseldorf’s main station. The next day we will rendezvous with friends on the Champs-Élysées and I will bring some of my newly minted vinyls to a few of Paris’ more specialized record shops.

OK I’m leaving it there. Writing that in expectance of street carnage readership is like taking a shit backwards. Why would one do that? I did it to prove a point. I could have continued a thing about SC but that’s old news and honestly, I kind of write this blog for the females. I don’t care if the guys call me a fag for writing about liking some girl and wanting to ride around Europe on a train with her. I know it’s kind of faggy but whatever… Most women just want a giggle and some good sex poetry and that is why I do this so bear that in mind, dudes, as you concoct your mean, condescending three word comment response to this post. Go read some Hemingway tough guy, this is a romance orientated blog for the ladies.


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  1. Kraftwerk forever.

    Comment by Lori — November 15, 2008 @ 5:16 am | Reply

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