November 26, 2008

DJ update

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As I mentioned before, I am going to document my travails as I attempt to become a professional DJ in Austin Texas. I know, it sounds like a really dumb idea. It is, but that has never stopped me before and I’m still here, right? Some background: I was a DJ in NYC for many years in the 90’s and I played thousands of gigs. oK maybe not thousands but a lot. But that was NYC. Every coffee shop and bar had turntables and DJ music every night so with a little bit of hustle it was not so hard to get a gig. And they paid well too. Cash. It was sweet. But now I am in Austin and even in this progressive city the DJ industry is not exactly booming. It’s out there, don’t get me wrong. There is so much more going on than I even know about, just saying, this isn’t NYC.

So I made a power move last week and had some blank CDs printed up with my name and contact info. The CDs are blank so I can put whatever I want on them, a DJ mix, an original track, whatever. I burned a house mix I had on hand and on the advice from a door man on 6th street I followed my nose to an office in the Warehouse district. How I actually found the place so easily was amazing because all I knew is that it was on 5th street.

This office, I had been told, was HQ for a number of clubs and bars around town. I was buzzed in as a guy with some DJ CD’s to drop off and entered the office where I met the woman that books the DJ. She seemed nice and I believed her when she said she would listen to my mix.

She gave me her card and said to follow up later. I did today and we had a very interesting discussion. Don’t get your hopes up for me just yet because she basically told me that she liked the mix but that her clubs were a bit more pop/top 40. She asked how flexible I was as a DJ and as always I did the wrong thing and basically said not very. I didn’t say that exactly but I could have been more self aggrandizing and less obstinant about the music. Finally she came around to mentioning that one of her bar managers was looking to try a house music night. She said she had to go but repeated my phone number and said she will call me back about the gig.

End of story. Now we wait.


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