December 2, 2008

DJ update 2

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I talked again today with the DJ booking lady at the office I visited recently with a DJ mix on CD. We didn’t stay on the phone long, and there were some very positive aspects to the conversation, including the fact that they are creating some new nights and they want more dance music, not just the top 40/ hip hop mix that’s so prominent here in Austin. She told me that the other night one of her DJs was late (!) so she put on my mix to check it out on the club system. she assured me that she thought it was a good mix, but she said it was too mellow. Holy shit! I can’t get a break! I intentionally try to tone my sound down, because I’m thinking that’s the safe move, and now they want it more pounding. I’m pretty sure I hit it home that I could easily go more pounding if that’s what they wanted. I apologetically mentioned that I had included Latin elements in my mix because I thought it would be funky, she replied, “I love Latin”. I’m so confused…

I’m pretty sure I’ve made an impression on this booking agent, but I know she’s thinking about the cash register chi-chinging behind the bar on a Tuesday night. Sometimes you just have to go with the hip hop if that’s what the people want. I always think that the people just want it to be good, not annoying, and as long as the ladies are grooving my job is done. I think that often times a minority of loud, obnoxious know it all club vultures are so pathetic that if they feel in any way unsure of who or what is going on they spoil things for other party people who might just be up for something a little more cutting edge. I don’t know, because I’m not a clubber myself and never really have associated myself as one. I like all kinds of music and house is just the most fun to mix. At home I’m listening to ancient reggae, Pink Floyd or Nico. Or working on my own tracks. Or it’s quiet, like it is now.

I’m going to record a new mix in the next few days. I set up the turntables a while ago for that reason and didn’t do it. I’m shooting for a “hard commercial club” sound, but obviously I’ll bring my underground touch. I wonder if I can post it here?? I’m sure there will be some sort of update soon on my progress becoming a professional DJ, good or bad I can’t say right now, but I’m on it.


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