December 3, 2008

DJ update 3

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OK, so no word from my new friend the DJ booking agent. I’ll call her tomorrow to see what’s up. I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty disheartened about this whole DJ thing in Austin. I’m seriously not sure what the fuck to do… I do have an option that I could go with, it’s an option I’ve had for a few years now and for whatever reason (actually I know exactly the reason…) I have not attempted to give it a shot with this certain connection. It’s been on my mind, I might have to do it.

Completely randomly I contacted an old friend in Mexico (I used to live in Mexico) because I am going to Cancun/Tulum for a week at the end of the month. I thought I’d send an email seeing what’s up with him for the holidays. I remember that he would often go to Cancun with his wife in the winter and I thought he might have some insight into the area. This is a guy I used to DJ with in Guanajuato, he had a tiny little “electro pulque lounge” and we would play house and techno all night or until the cops showed up. Then we would go to the Cucaracha and get wasted. Anyway, he hit me back and said that not only would they be in Cancun, but there is going to be an all night party on the beach in Tulum and he told me to bring some records.

DJ gig on the beach in Tulum. No money, not a professional gig, but in some way it restores my faith in DJ humanity. The closest thing to that type of gig I’ve ever played was some outdoor stuff in San Miguel, but they were more like big private parties in someones back yard. I’ve been told to expect a large, mostly naked euro contingency and I think I know exactly what selections I will bring. Let me put it this way, the ambient shit is staying home! So some modicum of success on the DJ front. It’s far from home, for free, but I will see an old friend and get to stay up all night while the beats pound, just like we used to do a few years ago. I’m really looking forward to it., it will be a fun diversion, but that’s all it is, a diversion. Who the fuck knows, maybe I will love it so much I will move back to Mexico, the coast this time. I always wanted to live near the water and Babylon really does get me down… I’m dreaming.

So reality strikes again tomorrow as I grovel before the Austin club professionals, attempting to find favor in this very fickle city. When we talked yesterday she did ask me if I would come out and check the club on Wednesday, so I guess I will be doing that. Trying to be a DJ in Austin is really stupid, and hard!

I’ll report back on my progress and any tips on the Yucatan would be welcome.


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  1. You are getting me excited:) Distraction? NO. Extreme Opportunity!
    FUCK YES HAVE FUN and please kiss the night sky of the Yucatan for us.

    Comment by pursuitofthepimpmobile — December 8, 2008 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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