April 1, 2009

An open letter to Nurse with Wound

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Dear Mr. Stapleton,

I really hope this message does actually get to you. My name is Darren and you may remember me from the record store in Austin Texas a few years ago, I wanted to interview you for my public access TV show. I thought it would be historic.

It didn’t work out, but it was still nice meeting you, as I have been a fan for a long time. Maybe I shouldn’t say fan, because I don’t collect your records, maybe I am more of a student of your work over the years. In the late 80’s I worked in one of the only record stores in Texas that specialized in industrial and experimental music and we championed your stuff. Dan from End of an Ear can back me up on that.

I am writing because a few days ago I was in that same record store (End of an Ear) and one of the clerks, Jacob, said to me,”Have you heard the NWW record “Disconnected”? I hadn’t and had no idea why he was asking, I was shopping for dubstep. He continued, “There is a song on there about you”.

Now mind you I have not heard the song, I’m just going on what he said. What makes it plausible is that the song is apparently sung by miss Hazel Two Twiggs who around that time was supposedly deeply offended by something I said or did so much so that she not only took to writing incredibly long, venomous emails to me, but she also issued some kind of public email tirade against me. I never read it and was very upset about the whole thing because I had no idea what set her off.

It started when I responded to a request for experimental music makers to do a performance. I had not done any live performance here in Austin at the time and was looking for technical information, would there be sound check etc. Normal stuff by any artist standards I thought. In retrospect I think she simply did not have the information I was looking for, sort of winging it, and for whatever reason I got under her skin. To this day I still avoid the experimental shows here in Austin because it reminds of how sad, out of control, and unnecessary that whole situation was, but that’s changing.

So as I said, apparently the extra song on the vinyl version of “Disconnected” is about me… I’m dying to hear it. I’m well over the whole thing with Hazel because when it happened half the people in the experimental scene reached out to me and let me know that they too had suffered the wrath of Hazel. It’s no fun having someone out there that really dislikes you that much, but honestly I never even met the woman in person. And I mean no disrespect, because Jacob also hinted that you and Hazel are/were a couple, I’m just being honest.

So if this is all true about the song then I have essentially been immortalized in NWW lore, and I thought you should know! I promise you that I am a gentle and polite person and hate it that I made someone so mad. As I said I admire your work very much and I would be honored if you have the chance to check out some of the track on my page.

Please let me know if I’m totally wrong about the song, and then I’ll go back to the record store and tell Jacob he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he seemed pretty certain…

Anyway, I wish you all the best from South Austin Texas, and by the way I’m originally from Salthill, Galway.


Darren Ryan


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